Q1: My Egnr says that the output of Solar panel is not pure sine wave so that this may affect the life span of appliance which uses solar energy. Please advise.

Ans: The Solar Inverter which we are using is DSP Sinewave with 50 Hds ( Digital Signal Programming) which is same as KSEB Cycle.There are other models of Sinewave inverter(modified sinewave- which only shapes the curve), but our technology is same as KSEB, the cycle restarts from the point the line is disconnected and hence there is no delay in resuming the power it works as UPS, the computer system shall not restart . You can also check other academic facility for the purity of DSP Technology. In a nutshell, it never affect the life span of any of your appliance

Q2: I am in planning of installing 1/4hp(Not finalized) water pump for re-cycling my pool water. Will solar panels can handle this. If 'Yes' how long motor can run in a day?

Ans: It will work. If you are opting for higher level options 4 KVA or 5KVA the complete working shall be on solar.

Q3: What will be the efficiency of Solar systems on Rainy Seasons?

Ans: In Rainy Season also it will work, but the efficiency shall be reduced to 30-40% of the normal working than on the sunny days.

Q4: For installing Solar Panels do we require any special permission from electricity board / panchayath / Village or any other local authorities?

Ans: Not Required, the Govt is promoting the installation of solar system.

Q5: Learn that we can avail central Govt financial support on total investment for installing Solar please brief how can we avail this, will your organization assist us on this matter?

Ans: MNRE is providing 30% subsidy of the total cost. We have arranged facility for payment of the same in advance and hence you need to pay us only the net payment after subsidy, provided we require an authorization letter from you for repayment of the subsidy once it is sanctioned by Ministry.

Q6: How do we calculate the size of solar panels we require to install for below appliances 8 ceiling fans + 20 lights (CFNL- 30Wt) + Mixer/Grinder + Fridge + LED Television + Computer (incl Inkjet Printer), What will be the average time we could get per day.

Ans: If you are installing our 4 KVA system( price list attached herewith with specification of no.of panels battery etc.) you do not require Grid for working the above appliances. It will work for the complete day/night without interruption on 95% of the whole year(except for full & continuously raining days, then you need to rely on Grid for 10-25% of your working on such days. It will additionally take care of your 1HP Motor, Washing Machine Etc as well.

Q7: Hope the energy is stored in batteries, what will be the maintenance we should foresee (like changing of battery water etc).

Ans: TWe are using high quality LM( Low Maintenance)'Hi Power' Batteries. Change of Battery water is required once in 3 years only. The Normal Life of Battery is 10-12 yrs and we provide 5 yrs warranty for the same

Q8: What will be the effect of lightening on solar panel?

Ans: We protect the entire unit alongwith Household Items with 'Surge Protector ' @ free of additional cost and furthermore Lightning also covered during the warranty.

Q9: How about service after sales? What will be the availability of solar panel if any one among the others are destroyed. Is that possible to install by a layman level or an electrician to do this task?

Ans: We rarely do advertisement and our excellence in after sale service is our ad, means we are getting 90% of our works on referral. We provide same day replacement service of the malfunctioned unit, if the error is notified before 1 PM, otherwise next working day. ( Sunday and Public Holidays are excluded on warranty service, unless a major/urgent attention is required immediately. Any electrician/layman can replace the unit, without much hassle. Natural Calamity is excluded under warranty other than Lightning.

Q10: What could be average budget we could foresee?

Ans: Please refer to the attached price list.

Q11: How about switch over timing? From Mains to Solar System.

Ans: We have installed an automated facility called ASCC unit.(Automatic Solar Changeover Control Unit).It works with a support of a Micro Control. When the Battery is in full charged condition the entire electric units which is connected to the inverter shall work only on Solar Power. If the usage is minimal during day time Both Charging and Live usage shall be simultaneously possible. When the usage is more than certain level, it will use from the battery and when the battery discharge reaches its 85% level it switch over to Grid (we can vary this % according to the need of the customer. Normally, 85% reserve is kept for night time use, so that there never occur a power lapse). You are able to review this changing in LED/LCD Monitors kept in the system, which shows whether it is working on Solar or Grid

Q12: Please advise warranty coverage period and warranty terms?

Ans: 5 Years for Battery, Inverter & Other units, 25 Years for Panel – All service Warranty service is not effective replacement of units during the warranty period. In case of Batteries, 42 Months are replacement in case of service failure and if the client is satisfied, new unit shall be provided with additional payment on the prorata usage of utilized period.

Q13: At what stage you are recommending the house owner for apt installation of Solar System? What all arrangements house owner need to take care for installation of Solar system.

Ans: It is better if we connected during the wiring work, then our work would be little easier(This doesn’t mean solar system cant install in a completed wiring system) We need open space towards south @ 100 Sq Ft per KW. Some concrete works during the erection of the poles, this (concrete work only) under the scope of house owner. We require 3-4 weeks time for the complete Installation, Testing & Commissioning.

Q14: Please explain the system units

  • Solar Panel – We use only imported panel from Germany – The life span is 30-35 years and we provide 10 yrs warranty.
  • MPPT Charger – Maximum Power Point Tracking – The most advanced charging system – Facilitates he charging of the battery with Solar Panel
  • ASCC ( Automatic Solar Changeover Control Unit)-Controls automatic switch over from grid to solar and vice versa
  • Surge Protector – Protects from lightning
  • Tubular Batteries – Use C 10 or C20 Hi-Power Tubular Batteries specially designed for Solar Lighting
  • Solar DSP Sinewave Home UPS-Which converts DC to AC. The UPS is an advanced system with CRGO Core Transformer.
  • Mounting Systems – For installation of Solar Panel- All with Galvanized IronThe MPPT charger and CRGO Core Transformer(Imported) based UPS provides the best performance of the system, with maximum efficiency of the unit. With MPPT Charger, the batteries are charged in optimum level and with CRGO Core the unit is able to reduce conversion loss at its max.